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May 3, 2014 8:00am PDT
in nigeria. the slogan, bring back our girls is creating a firestorm on social media. islamic extremists kidnapped more than 200 girls about two weeks ago, many of the girls are said to have been sold as slaves alive. the protest will be at noon today at the mcgregor community theater on cedar boulevard. >>> new details about the federal raid of a petaluma slaughter house that led to a massive meat recall earlier this year. documents from investigators show the rancho feeding corporation was purchasing diseased cows and processing them when inspectors weren't around. cancerous growths were trimmed and the heads from sick cows were replaced with the heads of healthy ones and the plant foreman was in a romantic relationship with a usda inspector. >>> east bay inspectors are cracking down on massage parlors that are they say are fronts for sex and more. a six-month investigation has ended in arrests and seizures of guns, drugs and cash and the closure of 13 massage parlors. abc7 news reporter donald wong reports from san lorenzo. >> we thought it was a regular massage parlor. >>
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1